First meeting : baby sitting life

I should excuse myself first for taking sooooo long to share… 😦

Actually, i have been thinking in my head what will be theee first experience to share.. And , yes u guessed right, i have it! its on babysitting, well being a student and u know students don’t have money , i thought it will be great to look for a baby sitting job, plus i  love kids and i am great with kids, why NOT ¨¨

The family and i, we had arranged to meet, and by meeting i mean , meeting the kids for the first time

There is a lot of pressure when babysitters go for their first contact, Even though some will say its not so much of a deal, but baby sitting is a JOB! the kids we baby sit are customers, why? because we are there because of them, and  we need to meet their needs and wants. I was under a lot of pressure that day, i remember navigating through the internet searching for something on ‘babysitting first meeting’ . To say the least, the resources are so limited and are not even close to helpful:/

One dauting question was                                                                                                 bebe_peinture

  1. How do i introduce myself to kids i have never met
  2. What is my stand, (do i talk to them like a baby sitter or a normal person)
  3. How do i live an impression on them

It is really difficult, too much pressure, well i went to meet the kids, Ethan and Aaron, twins (5 years), Ethan looked shy and serious, Aaron on the other hand, looked so happy, excited, good vibe going on…

 Introducing myself to the kids: I think it is more normal not to present yourself as a  babysitter saying, ‘hey, am X and am gonna be your baby sitter’.What i am sharing with you right now its just basic tips. Go with ‘heyy guys , how are you,.. am X(name) and you??..this two three questions are natural, and how you say it should mean it, you are interested in knowing how they are doing… Avoid questions with yes/ No responses like, ‘did you guys enjoy your day’, even better  ‘how was your day’, this allows kids to talk and develop their answers.

Interaction (baby sitter/normal person): How do i present myself, as a baby sitter or as a normal person, well i will have to go with a normal person because interaction is normal, there is nothing unnatural about it. Forget for a while that you are baby sitter, loosen up!! Forget for a while that you are being paid ..Ofcourse you are paid to do your job, but do more than what you are to do and that is being a person before even being a baby sitter to the kids. Ex. ask questions like, who visited you this week?

Impression : Leaving an impression on somebody is important, kids like to be watched. . Ethan and Aaron are very active, run around all the time, highly energetic.. use that to leave an impression, Watch them as they run around even run with them. The importance is that you present yourself as a friend. Kids love it when adults do their staff, their eyes lighten up. What else can we do to leave an impression, by doing number 1 and 2 , SIMPLE  🙂 

I recommend you this 3 baby steps, no matter the profile of the kids, it should do!

See you next tym…